The trip is over, we've returned home, and all the hard-earned italian slips away day by day. We hope you enjoyed following our adventures as much as we enjoyed having them. Looking over the page, it's amazing how many little trips we managed in three months. Such incredible memories. It's sad to think that it's over for now, but next summer, now that's going to be crazy - the Jubileo 2000!

The Italy photos were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 900s digicam, from April 1 to June 18, 1999. Click on the links below to check out our adventures in different places.

The last weekend we spent in Italy:

Anduins Revisited  (the battle for the stones!)

Our day trip to Bologna with the University:


Pictures of the benefit concert we went to June 1, 1999 in Modena:

Pavorotti and Friends

Pictures of RobFan's arrival in Italy and our adventures with him:

Milan and RobFan's Arrival
What's up with all the elevators in Italy?
Pisa (check out Jeff holding up both the tower and Naomi!)
Michaelangelo's David in Florence (check out the package!)

Pictures of a group trip to around Toscano:

Tuscany Countryside
Horses at the winery
Stopping to soak our feet

More pictures of Siena (kinda boring, but check out the head!):

Further Pictures of Siena
The church of San Domenico in Siena (including the actual mummified head of Santa Caterina and the most hideous picture of Jesus you ever saw)

Pictures for our trip to the south:


Check out pictures of Valentina and her boyfriend Kevin. She is the assistant coordinator here in Siena, and she's done more favors for us (including finding us cool digs) than we can count.

Pictures of the Island of Elba:

The Island of Elba

Pictures of the opera Tosca, Anduins, and Venice:

The Opera House in Genoa
Going to Anduins
Assunta's Place
Out and About in Anduins
All Natural Anduins
Eating Well
Adriana's House in Udine

Pictures of our weekend trip to Rome:

Baths of Caracalla
Villa Borghese
Spanish Steps/Trevi Fountain
Vatican Musuems (Including the Sistine Chapell)
Naomi in Rome

Previous Italy Photos:

Arrival In Italy
Our Apartment
Florence (Firenze)
San Gimignano (New! Updated with pictures from our second trip there with RobFan!)
San Galgano (check out the sword in the stone! Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government...)

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