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Here I'm on my way down to the stream in the next picture, and I start to realize that this stuff all around me is making me itch. I later found at that it was poison oak or something similiar. Elia told us what it was in Italian, but that didn't help. I didn't get a rash, though.

Bonus points for finding Jeff in under 30 seconds.

Naomi is standing in front of the stream that used to feed into the "Acqua Solforosa", the Sulfur Springs. At one time Anduins was known for the benefits of the sulfur water that fed a series of baths. However, in 1976 a couple of earthquakes changed the course of the river enough so that it is dry in summer, when most of the tourists come, so the town sort of emptied out when the tourist trade disappeared, and now only a few hundred people live there.

It had just rained the day before in Anduins, so the stream was roaring, and very pretty.