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RobFan came into the airport in Milan, Malpensa 2000, on Friday, May 28, 1999, Even though Malpensa 2000 is famous for their crappy baggage handling and even though he was carrying lots of illegal drugs into the country, he cleared customs and made it through. Here's me asking my "mule", RobFan, how many baggies of coke he managed to shove up his butt. He's smiling because it was a big number.

We had to leave for Milan on Thursday afternoon because of a train strike on Friday. As we were walking around Milan doing shopping, we came across someone who was much more "moda moda" (fashionable) than we could ever be. Check out those fur boots!

Naomi and I bought glasses, since our eyesight is starting to get a little blurry. On the right is a picture of what Naomi looks like when I'm not wearing glasses. We were always jealous of our friend Ed, who bought glasses last time he was in Milan. Now we can say the same thing.

This is the duomo in Milano. It's pretty ugly. There's about 3400 statues on the duomo, 135 spires, and 96 gargoyles. The effect from afar is pretty hideous. It's also pretty ugly inside the duomo, but they wouldn't let us in anyway because we were wearing shorts. Sure, we can put a severed head in the church, but not let in someone in shorts. What kinda of thinking is that!

When you get to the piazza in front of the duomo, you are immediately accosted by street vendors offering you corn to feed the pigeons. They are a real pain in the ass.