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This is my grandfather's sister, Assunta. She is the main attraction in Anduins, and through her kitchen passes a great variety of people. It's fun to hang out there and just see who is going to show up next.

This is Elia, Assunta's daughter. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and she gave us a great tour of Anduins and drove us everywhere. She hates to have her picture taken so this was a rare opportunity.

This is Claudio, Elia's husband. He is from the Fruili region where Anduins is located, and he would speak Fruilano, the local dialect, with Assunta, but we couldn't understand a word. Claudio is a chef with his own restaurant, and he cooked most of the meals while we were there. He's an awesome chef.

This is Sara, Elia and Claudio's daughter. She is getting up late because she was out all night partying down by the seaside (about an hour away).

Naomi is looking for her first cappucino of the day.

What the hell did they just say? Were they speaking to us? Was that italian or Fruilano? Are they waiting for us to answer? I have no idea what is going on...

Hanging out in Assunta's kitchen.