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We happen to go to the Villa Borghese during the Rome International In-Line Skating Contest. The Villa Borghese is a big park with a museum in the middle of it. We were on our way to the musuem when we stumbled upon the skating contest. We never made it to the museum.

This is a young Italian kid warming up on the half-pipe. He was really good, doing all kinds of flips, and he was only about 13 years old.

Unfortunately, it got rained out in the afternoon right before the competition began. The finals were the next day, on Sunday, and there was good weather for that. It started raining around 2pm and just kept getting worse all afternoon.

This is human foosball. It looked really fun. They strap everybody in and then toss in a ball.

This is Naomi having her type of fun. Tuck dammit!