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Here we are all dressed up to go to the opera, Tosca. Naomi is a wicked kitty cat and I look like a Hertz rental car agent. We are very "moda moda" (in fashion).

These are some of the cool people we've met on the EAP program in Siena, all dressed up for the opera. Notice the paw hand warmers that Naomi is sporting. She's a slave to fashion.

At the entrance to the opera house there were all these Red Cross nurses lining the stairs. It turns out though, that there was an Evil Nurse Nazi among them.

This is the interior of the opera house in Genova. You might be thinking that I had to walk all the way to the back of the theater to take this picture, but really I had to move way up from our seats. Our seats sucked about as much as they can. We were seated right next to a wall, and all you could see of the people were little white dresses and costumes. It was pretty boring, clocking in at over 3 hours. We read the synopsis, so we could figure out what was happening, but it was still tough sitting through it all. Naomi went straight for the bar during intermission, figuring on alcohol to diminish the pain, but I wouldn't let her and we got through it together. The singing and the music were excellent, and we enjoyed that part thoroughly, even though we coudn't understand anything that they were saying.

Naomi discovers herself in the opera house.