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The Piazza il Campo is the main hang out for all of Siena. It's the second largest piazza in all of Italy (after one in Rome). Naomi is having a gelato and watching this one kid being pulled by his brother.

They were running all over the piazza chasing piccione (pigeons). At a restaurant off the Campo, you can order "1/2 piccione rosto". Yuumm. Can I get that to go? No! Because you're in Italy where to go food does not exist! Who knew?

The bell tower at the foot of the Piazza il Campo. We haven't climbed it yet, although we did climb the ones in Florence and San Gimignano.

This is taken from the balcony of the hotel we stayed at our first night in Siena. The hotel advertised spectacular views and they were right. The duomo (cathedral) is in the background. It's huge and really ugly, with black and white stripes and all these mean looking Pope heads glaring down from the ceiling to the sinners below.

The omnipresent Internet and the search for connectivity. Even the people in line for Phantom Menace have ADSL.

The coolest door in Siena. We took a close-up of the name on the door. The flower pattern on the door is really common here, mostly for drain designs in the street and ventilation ducts from the basements.