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Naomi is hanging out in front of a suggestive Piazza Nettuno (Neptune) fountain figure. We had come to Bologna with the University for the day to explore "sottoterraneo", or underground, of Bologna.

We had some free time in the morning to hang out, and then we went underground to see the aquaduct system that Bologna used up until the 1800's. It was kinda smelly and kinda boring, and the tour guide was speaking really fast. After our group coordinator asked him to speak slower, because we were all foreign students, he said, "Sorry, but I'm Bolognese and I can't do it." Most of what he said sounded boring, anyway.

In case you didn't know, Naomi and I are dieting to look good for Joe's wedding. So we've been weighing ourselves regularly to chart our progress (to date: Naomi is losing weight, Jeff is staying the same). So we were walking down a small street in Bologna's fruit market area and we saw this scale sitting there with an old lady standing on it. We get over to it and we're like, "come on lady, let's weigh ourselves and move it along", because she's not getting off. We're practically pushing her off the scale when these TV people start coming over to us and telling us to get out of the way, because they're doing a TV show and the scale is a prop. We stayed around to watch the action, though. I asked the guy, when he's done with the scale, can we use it? He said yeah.

The guy in the middle in the blue shirt is Fabio Fazio. He has his own TV show, but I've never seen it. You can see the boom mike guy on the left.

They had two steady cam's to film the action. Steady cam rigs are cool. They have all these springs and weights to counter balance the movement of the person holding the camera. The steady cam weighs over 80 pounds, and you need an assistant to the steady cam guy to make sure he doesn't fall over or something. It was neat watching the steady cam guy run with Franco down the street. These guys have to be in good shape. Between shots, they put the camera on a stand, which you can see over my right shoulder.

Franco turned out to be a nice guy and he took the time to let us take this photo with him. Next to Naomi is Paul, and Jean is on the right. You can see Naomi is giving him some Moby Love.