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Naomi wanted to go to Perugia for two reasons: the Baci chocolate is produced there, and this fountain. She had heard about how this fountain was newly restored and wanted to come and see it, so we made a day trip to Perugia to check it out. They did a really good job of restoring the fountain, as you can see in the following photo.

This fountain is really clean. It was well worth the trip to Perugia. It's practically the only thing that's not being restored in Italy. They are having a massive restoration craze right now to prepare for the Year 2000 party. St. Peter's in Rome is completely covered up right now in preparation for that.

There was this really old well that supplied Perugia with it's water up until a couple of hundred years ago. It was about 100 feet deep and the roof was constructed of these enormous blocks of stone, weighing about 80 tons each! The Etruscans built the well around 300-400 B.C. It was pretty cool.

This is Naomi and Jeff hanging out, in front of a nice Umbrian landscape.