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NEW! - I received the following email from DomusLift, on March 28, 2000:

dear Sir ,

We are IGV spa, the Italian company producing the DOMUSLIFT , the home lift you display in you Web site. I thank you for that and I have to inform you that the other homelift was our Domuslift too! ( It was not another company ! )

If you wish to see it better our site is

if you could give us your address , we will send you a nice present from our company.


Matteo Volpe
area export manager

That's pretty neat. I haven't received the nice present yet, but I'm looking forward to it.


I read something in the paper about how Italy has more elevators per capita than any other country. They have over 65,000 elevators in this country, one for every 90 people. By comparison, the U.S. has one elevator for every 500 people. I mentioned this to Elia and Claudio (my aunt and uncle), and Claudio said, "Well, there's four of them in my building!" (the building is really small, too). So as we were walking around Milano, in the middle of the street was this display for the "DomusLift". For around $8,000, you can buy an elevator to take you from the first floor to the second floor. In their brochures, they call it "the ideal solution for getting round the architectural barriers" (they're called stairs!). We thought this was hilarious, so we had to stop and take a photo of it.

Little did we know, just down the street, another company was starting to put up their display for another home elevator! It is truly amazing. And keep in mind, there wasn't a convention or anything, these were just random displays on the side of the street.