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This is the Island of Capri, about 40 minutes by hydrofoil off the coast of southern Italy, near Naples. It was a beautiful day when we arrived, and we had a great time. The only problem was the island had no beaches, just rocky cliffs.

Here I am reading the Let's Go book, once we realized there was nothing to do on Capri other than...

The Blue Grotto on Capri is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It's a cave made of limestone, where the water has eroded the bottom part of the limestone and light bounces off the white sand bottom. You end up with a cave that glows neon blue, and when you swim in it, your whole body glows. It was "vietato" (forbidden) to swim in the Blue Grotto, but after five o'clock all the boats leave the area and you're free to jump in. I went swimming and it was a lot of fun. At the same time we were debating on whether or not to jump in, another american couple showed up with the same intentions, so me and the other guy just dived in and it was worth it. How many chances do you get to swim in a Seven Wonder of the World?

This is me after swimming in the Blue Grotto. The identity of the belly has been concealed to protect the innocent.

The island of Capri is all about the shopping. Capri is a very touristed island, and much more expensive than neighboring Ischia. We didn't buy a single thing, though.