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Every year Luciano Pavorotti gives a benefit concert with a bunch of other performers. This year Pavorotti and Friends was supporting the children of Guatemala and Kosovo. There were a bunch of different groups there from around the world: B.B. King, Joe Cocker, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estafan, Ricky Martin (formerly of Menudo!), Renato Zero, Zucchero, and a bunch of other lame ones (like Lionel Richie and an italian version of Celine Dion). Lots of times Pavorotti would come out and do a duet with the group, which was pretty cool, but if the group was singing in English he would go ahead and sing in italian anyway, so you were never sure what song he was actually singing. A lot of the groups were really good, including Mariah Carey and Gloria Estafan. Ricky Martin sang a song called Mamma that had Naomi screaming "MAMMA!" between the versus. It was pretty funny. The place was packed and it was telelvised, so a funny thing happened when they would go to commercials on the TV program: nothing. During commercial breaks the hostess would just say, "We'll be right back", and then everybody just stood around for a couple of minutes until it picked up again. It was kinda weird.

We had a lot of fun with Pavorotti, because he always has this confused look his face, like he's not sure, "should I eat now or sing now?" He can sing anything and it sounds good. He really is amazing, but still pretty funny. We couldn't see the stage too well from where we were sitting, so I had to take pictures of the JumboTron.

Michael Jackson was supposed to be at the concert, but he didn't show. But you still had hundreds of these weird Michael Jackson look-alikes walking around. There were a huge amount of Michael fans. You can see the guy in the background was really geared up for this event. The joke was that Pavorotti accidently ate him backstage. "No Pavorotti, not eat! Sing!" Eva, our friend in the lower left, went through the whole concert, for three hours, screaming in my ear, "I want Michael! Where's Michael! Ti voglio bene Michael!" over and over. It was really embarassing, and we pretended like we didn't know her. During a Lionel Richie song that was all soft and mellow, "Where's Michael! I want Michael!", and everybody kept turning around to see who the idot was screaming. And for the first two hours, a lady in front of us kept turning around and saying, "Michael non c'e'!" (Michael's not here!) Everytime Eva started screaming. It was nuts.