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Adriana is Giustina's daughter. Guistina is the sister of Nonno and Assunta. Adriana had just moved into this house. It was really a nice house, and very big by Italian standards.

Kicking back on the porch. Check out those brass rain gutters, though:

Trick! For some reason, brass rain gutters are a status symbol for home owners in Italy. A couple of days later, we noticed a giant crane installing brass rain gutters on a building down from our apartment.

We're listening to the soccer match on the radio, and Udine took a beating from Rome 3-0. Sara was at the game, but didn't enjoy it since she was rooting for Udine.

Inside the house, everything was still in boxes and they were working on getting everything together. That's Elia on the left, then Sarena (Adriana's daughter), then Guistina and Adriana is cleaning the table top.

Naomi is happy because she understood something somebody said.