Naomi started kite surfing with a 10-meter Nash Aero kite in July 2002. She's getting better, but there's never enough wind in Sunset Beach or Belmont Shores.


The first thing you do is lay out your lines. The kite is 10-meters wide, which is pretty small because she's pretty light. The lines are 30-meters long that connect her to the kite.

You need wind at least 13mph before you can start kiting. The biggest problem is lack of wind.

Naomi uses a body harness to attach the lines to herself. There are also waist harnesses that make doing tricks easier, but they tend to ride up on you.

Naomi is using a RRD (Roberto Ricci Designs) twin tip bi-directional board.

The kite lifts up and Naomi controls it with the bar she's holding. You can power up the kite or power it down depending on how you hook up your lines.

Nothing but blue skies today.

Naomi's heading towards the water.

You just lay down, then bring the kite down in a power manuver, that launches you up and you're off.

She cruises pretty fast, and it looks like a lot of fun, until...

A wave hits you and you go down. If you're lucky, though...

You can cruise right through the wave and out into smooth open water.

Getting ready for another take-off.